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Your Deal Startup Idea Service Article Business Website Product in 13 Languages!

Just write a post in your native language and TiEmDi will promote it in 13 different languages..

Sometimes things are easy

We do the hard work!

You just focus on publishing your post explaining the best possible, we take your publication to several languages automatically and quickly breaking the linguistic limits.

Promote Your ...



A new product needs a new clientele, much more if it is an unexpected international clientele. Many people do not import because they do not know how much they can save by buying from experienced manufacturers in other countries.



Every day people and companies are more willing to hire the services of international experts and consultants, you just need to make contact with them.



For those who have a blog or website and know the value of the content, Publish your articles offering quality content in multiple languages!



Tired of promotional methods not working? Don't do the same thing everyone does! Take advantage of your website visits from all over the world, you can also include a backlink pointing from our website.



If you have a catalog of products or services or you are just thinking about doing brand positioning, many people need to know what your company offers! You just have to promote in their language.



Do you have an incomparable idea? All you need is other people to know it, let your idea go beyond your borders.


Job vacancies

Get foreign labor and professionals! Many people speak several languages but do their searches in the native language, speak like them and save a lot of money.



For all those agencies, intermediaries and informal sellers, how far can you go? An international client is what you need.

Attract International People

Mass Promotion!


Unrivaled Expansion

Have you thought about what kind of clients you can attract in other languages ? Even if you have thought about it, our platform will be able to attract as your client a person from any country or even from your own country who speaks another language, such as Spanish speakers living in the United States.


tiemdi google seo

Highest SEO Ranking - Links

The automatic translation that our servers do is not superficial but complete, translating all the content INCLUDING THE URLS to the final language, this means that search engines like Google will find a complete content in different languages. URLs are essential for SEO when the URL and the content of the post are in the same language multiplies the chances of appearing in the search engine.


Clients Through the portal and the Search Engine

All users who search our portal will be able to find your post, but not only them, also people who search Google will find you since Google gives great importance to your post as unique content.

Time for Action!

Make things expand in the fastest way.

You do n’t know who will find you! Often companies do not know their own international market due to cultural differences, when someone from another country contacts them they are very surprised when they see their requirements.



Computer professionals and companies that have a catalog of SaaS web services can break their limits by reaching productive offers to users in multiple languages.

Sell your web services

TiEmDi is your free ally not only to advertise but also to find everything you need within our platform.

Find a Provider

This is the reality, TiEmDi is your partner to break borders, we connect the whole world with you and we make the work of thousands of people easy, connect with people who speak different languages, promote or close deals, this is globalization through the internet¦


translate articles

Acceptable Machine Translations

You can verify that our translations are as similar as the human ones, the safest thing is that the users who look at your articles do not imagine that they were written in another language.

Post in your native language

Can it be easier? No matter what language you speak, you don't need to speak English, Post in your own language and we automatically translate it into multiple languages! It seems that success is assured ... .